Whether renting just for the day or the entire summer season (Memorial Day – Labor day), Beach Services can supply you with your umbrella and beach chair needs. There are 17 lifeguard stands beginning at the Holiday Inn in Surfside and extending south to the Garden City Pier. (Please see map below for a list and location of guard stands). If you are planning to access the beach at or near a lifeguard stand, please rent directly from the lifeguard.

Lifeguarding season is from Memorial Day to Labor, however generally offer rental services from May – September.

For rentals not near a lifeguard stand please call 843-602-8004 or ask the lifeguard to call their supervisor. Please let us know your exact location when requesting equipment away from lifeguard stations. Beach chairs and umbrellas are usually delivered in 10-20 from the time of request. You may also stop any Beach Service Supervisor in a vehicle for assistance.

We also provide rental services for any location on South Waccamaw Dr. Rates will be increased for locations beginning at 537 S. Waccamaw extending through 2011 S. Waccamaw. Please call or email for information regarding rentals in this area.

Rental times are 9:00am to 4:00pm. Unfortunately there are no exceptions. You may rent at any time between these hours, however we do not offer ½ day rates. Even you would like to rent just an umbrella and 2 chairs for 2 hours, we still charge the full day rate of $35.

Chairs may be rented separately, but unfortunately we do not rent only umbrellas. If you would like the use of an umbrella, it automatically comes with 2 chairs.

Please do not move umbrellas once placed in the ground by the lifeguard. They can become safety hazards during windy conditions. Please feel free to take your chairs to water’s edge or any other area that suits you.

Please know that if renting for multiple days, the days must be consecutive in order to receive the discounted rate.

Additional charges apply for anyone wishing to extend seasonal rental before Memorial Day and after Labor Day.

All payments must be received in full at the time of rental.

If you do not receive a receipt with your rental, please call our office at 843-602-8004.


Rental Time

Price (2 Chairs 1 Umbrella)

1 Day

$ 35.00

2 Days

$ 60.00

3 Days

$ 80.00

4 Days

$ 100.00

5 Days

$ 120.00

6 Days

$ 140.00

7 Days

$ 160.00


$ 350.00


$ 700.00


Can I rent more than 1 umbrella?

Yes! You can rent as many umbrellas as you like. You can not just rent the umbrella though! To add an umbrella, simply double the price (therefore adding another umbrella and 2 more chairs).

What if I want extra chairs?

Extra chairs can be purchased at $10 dollars a day or $35 for the week.

Can I rent just chairs or just an umbrella?

You may not just rent the umbrella; however, you can rent a chair at the price of $10 a day or $35 a week.